Patti Viscomi-

"I love my girls sweet, loving dance school. From the recreational dancer to the competition team From a Dancer’s Pointe is a family.
The growth my girls have experienced in the past two years is amazing. The amazing staff is patient and well educated on their dance genres and make dance fun for the students! 
The office staff is well organized and knows the students by names.
We are extremely lucky to have found a dance studio my girls call their “second home”!"


Sharon Russomanno-

"It's more than a dance studio, it's family. Everyone is welcomed with open arms. The owner is so sweet but doesn't allow drama. The teachers and staff are extremely dedicated to the students (and parents) It's a loving and nurturing environment for the dancers to grow and meet their full potential. I wouldn't bring my granddaughter anyplace else!"

Suzie Faranda-

"Almost four years ago when the staff of From a Dancer’s Pointe were closing for the evening, doors still unlocked I was able to enter the studio. That moment the lights went back on, the Acro teacher did back flip and walked on his hands to the front to brighten the day of my little gal. From that moment I knew nothing would ever be too much trouble and the staff was dedicated to children. My daughter started with one class a week and now three recitals and almost four years later she is dancing four nights a week. Behind the doors of the dance studio not only is the staff teaching our children new dance routines and technique, they are teaching them the importance of commitment, dedication, the meaning of friendship and that hard work can be fun. The staff of From a Dancer’s Pointe welcomes every member of its studio as if they are family. I can assure you, should you step foot into From A Dancer’s Pointe, you will be more than pleased with the professionalism that is shown from the front door to inside the dance studios. 

During the trying times of stay at home orders, the studio didn’t miss a beat with our children and continued to allow our children to dance via Zoom. The children were able to see their smiling faces hear their happy voices and at the end of the day my daughter was happy because they made a difference. You may ask how are they handling things during the global pandemic? I can assure you, what the staff has done and continues to do daily to ensure the safety of our families is impressive."

All About FADP

Our Mission:

At From A Dancer’s Pointe, we seek to enrich our students' artistic and personal growth; to nurture and develop the students' technique in a supportive and professional manner as well as experiencing the enjoyment and fulfillment a dancer can achieve through the art of dance. Our goal is to help students discover what they are physically and artistically capable of and how they can gain focus, discipline, and dedication which will, in turn, transcend through to everyday aspects of life.  We believe that a dancer must set personal goals that will enable them to gain a sense of responsibility and pride in their abilities. We hope that all of our students and their families will be provided with the education and inspiration necessary to enjoy a loving and nurturing dance environment.   As a school we are dedicated to helping each student achieve physical excellence and personal discipline, while exploring the art of dance. We believe that through a systematic and step-by-step training program, the student will develop positive self-esteem by achieving clearly established goals. We recognize that each student possesses different strengths and we encourage them to reach for their own personal goals. We believe this develops strong life skills. Our curriculum also includes a competitive performance company that enhances the student’s ability to work together as a team, build camaraderie and to learn dedication and trust towards other.     The reward for performing is the personal satisfaction gained from the response of an audience.  Performance opportunities will be available to all those who are interested in auditioning. The challenges of dancing promote self-discipline, pride, and confidence by balancing physical development and mental attitude.  The staff at “From A Dancer’s Pointe” have an extremely strong combined background in arts management, dance instruction, dance performance, administrative management, education and leadership. Our background and commitment to offering exceptional quality and service to customers without compromise will set us apart from many other dance studios.  We are unique in our backgrounds, credentials, degree of professionalism and philosophy. We believe that a dance education is aimed at developing  disciplined, technically trained, well balanced students.  Whether going on to a professional career in dance or dancing for pure enjoyment students will be able to apply these attributes they have learned throughout their lives.  ​