FADP Class Descriptions


 Mommy & Me ~ Ages 1-2
This class is for children 1 – 2 years of age who are ready to start moving!  This class will develop gross motor skills, direction and rhythmic awareness by using props. We ask that a parent or adult be present for this class.   This class is preparing students to move on their own (30 min) 

Baby Variety 1 ~ Age 3
In this age group, we focus on basic motor skills and movement of the body. Little ones will develop an appreciation for music and rhythm through dance. This class is designed to encourage creative movement through imagery and role play. To aid in this process we incorporate all sorts of fun props that will encourage your child to learn about body mobility, the power of imagination, and how the body can move several ways in a space.   We also start teaching the beginning positions of ballet and terminology.
++ (45 min)

Jazz/ Tap Combination Class~ Age 4
Jazz/Tap combo classes concentrate on the beginning of jazz and tap such as skips, gallops, walks, plies, port de bras, shuffles, heel toe touches, and attention to clean and consistent footwork. Both barre and center/across the floor is taught in this class.    This class will also learn the beginning of terminology for both Jazz and Tap (45min)

Basically Ballet ~ Age 5
We start with the floor exercises in which the student learns port de bras, footwork exercises, and different ways one can listen to and appreciate music. We learn positions of the feet and arms, free movement to help relax the body when needed, and basic ballet exercises in the center and barre to prepare children for simple transfer of weight and jumps. Terminology is taught in this class as we want our students to understand the steps, they are doing not just do them

Elementary Ballet
Students in this level understand the technical and artistic elements of ballet and how they should be applied in class each day. The student will be able to work correctly and efficiently on the concepts of body placement, artistic expression, and personal growth. Centre work may include tendus free movement, jumps, and across the floor. Exercises in the centre also include development of strong footwork-using rises and releves to strengthen feet and ankles. We learn several ways to use our port de bras, preparation for turns, and floor work. It is also important that a student learns how to feel and correctly utilize the center core of their body which is the basis of balance and strength in dance. We want them to have fun but also feel challenged and work towards improving and strengthening their art

Intermediate Ballet
Students in this level understand the technical and artistic elements of ballet and how they should be applied in class each day. The student will be able to work correctly and efficiently on the concepts of body alignment, artistic expression, and personal growth. At this level students will understand the basics of ballet such as placement and alignment of the body, clean footwork, positions of arms and feet, and correct muscle use. With this knowledge we will introduce pirouettes, petite allegro (quick, small jumps), and across the floor combinations that combine several steps in one exercise. The training and expectations, both technical and behavioral, intensifies. Students maintain their level of knowledge in ballet and are encouraged to incorporate artistic expression into their work. Strong and clean foot work is important in this level as many students are preparing for pointe work. We want our students to have fun but also feel challenged and work towards improving and strengthening their art
in this level take ballet twice a week.

Advanced Ballet
At this level students show a love and dedication to their art.  Intricate and challenging steps are introduced. There is a focus on utilizing the center of balance   Children learn vocabulary, alignment, proper use of muscles, and musicality. Students work on combinations with several different steps combined at the barre, in the centre, and across the floor.   Students are being prepared for Pointe work.
*Students in this level take ballet three times a week   

Although age is not necessarily a prerequisite, many ballet students do not begin to dance en pointe earlier than approximately 12–14 years of age.  Bones in the feet are often too soft prior to that age and in such cases, serious and permanent foot injuries could result from starting pointe work too early.  Students should have strong ankles, feet and legs Strong core strength ensures the dancer maintains their center and prevents them from rolling their feet when dancing en pointe Ballet students are generally ready to begin pointe work after achieving competency in fundamental ballet technique and have been dancing for a number of years.   Students  must be able to maintain turnout while performing center combinations, hold a proper ballet position with straight back and good turnout, pull up properly in the legs, and balance securely in a relevé that is perpendicular to the floor.   Students in this class are required to take ballet at least three times a week   Ballet work at this level should be strong and fluid.  Students are placed in this class only at the discretion of the director and instructor. *Students must take ballet at least two to three times a week in order to take this class

Jazz ~ All Levels
This class is a high-energy jazz curriculum and is a perfect complement to our ballet program. The Jazz curriculum is based on classical jazz dance technique, with influences incorporated from modern jazz, hip-hop and street jazz styles. The Jazz curriculum develops flexibility, rhythm, extension, balance, speed and strong movement in dancers

Lyrical /Contemporary ~ All Levels
This class incorporates Jazz and Ballet technique. The lyrical curriculum develops flexibility, rhythm, extension, balance, the use of expression, speed and strong movement in dancers

Acro ~ All Levels
This program connects dance and gymnastics for all levels.  In this class, we will focus on simple and advanced technique which focuses on flexibility, stretching, extension, balance and tumbling skills. As our students progress we are able to take simple gymnastics movements and infuse them with dance technique making our dancers well-rounded performers.

Hip Hop - All Levels
Students will learn different Hip Hop techniques. Hip Hop focuses on rhythm, style, and coordination.  This class is an upbeat, active class with fun age-appropriate music from today’s hit musicians! This class is ideal for students who love fast-paced movements and are looking to learn a style of dance that is always evolving!

Musical Theater ~ All Levels
Performance skills will focus on acting, singing and dancing! This class explores the art of storytelling and theatrical presentation in dance. Students work with a variety of musicals in order to expand their depth of knowledge of different styles of musical theater. 

Tap ~ All Levels
Students will progressively build upon fundamental tap techniques arranged in combinations. The main goals are identifying, utilizing, and demonstrating tap terminology. This class consists of rhythm training and transition of the feet with proper tap technique 

Triple Threat~ Ages 8 and Up
Triple threat focuses on dancing, acting, and lip synching. Hip Hop is incorporated in this genre.

Performance Company Team~ Ages 5 and up
Children take 8 ½ - 11 ½ hours of classes a week in different genres and are committed to practices and performances.  Children will learn choreography and will have the opportunity to perform for local community events and competitions. For further information regarding the Performance Company Team, please see the Director or Office Manager.  Children are placed accordingly as per the instructors.