As always, our studio will be a safe, loving and nurturing environment for your children. 

The lobby will remain closed till further notice.  This is being done in order to lessen the foot traffic in the studio.  Parents/Grandparents may feel free to sit outside where we will be placing benches and chairs for your convenience, these will be sanitized every evening.   Parents/Grandparents may also drop off and pick up your child by pulling up in front of the studio.  We do ask that you please use your hazard lights when dropping and picking up your child.   We will make sure as always that your child is escorted out of the studio to your car. 

We ask that parents/grandparents do not send your child to class if they are sick! There will be a strict policy requiring a doctor’s note to return to the studio.   We will not allow a child back into the studio without clearance from the doctor.   This is in order to keep our students and faculty safe. 

Children will not be allowed in the studio until their class time.  Children will be dismissed after their class so please make sure they are being picked up on time.   

The schedule of classes will be reworked in order to sanitize in between classes 

There will be no eating in the studio.  Children should not bring any food or snacks into the building. 

Only plastic water bottles will be allowed in the studio.  This is in order to assure that no reusable water bottles will be left behind as the dancers leave.  

Dance bags will be left in the lobby in the designated spots advised by the staff.  Children are not allowed by the cubbies in order to elevate congregation.

Children will be escorted to the studio classroom where class will be taking place and hands will be sanitized before entering the room.  

Due to the large sizes of our rooms and our small class sizes children will have plenty of space to dance while social distancing.  In order to enforce this, we have placed 6 ft by 6 ft squares throughout the room.   Instructors will explain to the children how class will be run.  Any dancer who cannot follow the directions and policies of the studio will be asked to sit at the desk where a parent will be called to pick them up.    

Children’s hands will be sanitized between class changes as well as prior to them leaving the building. 

The bathrooms will be frequently sanitized as well as the lobby

There are no props allowed.  Ballet will be conducted center floor.

All acro mats will be cleaned and sanitized before and after each class 

We have reworked our schedule to minimize breaks that children may have in between classes  

Parents/grandparents that need to make a payment, place an order for dancewear or speak with a faculty member  should contact us at or call us at 732-286-2022 and we will be happy to set up a time for you to come in to the studio. Please remember if you are feeling ill please reschedule your appointment for the safety of our staff and students.  

Thank you for all your cooperation and your support during this time we greatly appreciate it and look forward to seeing you back at the studio!